Pferd 89716 3" Wall Brush
3" Wall Brush

3" Wall Brush

Black Bristle Fill, Green Plastic Handle
Item # : PFD 89716
Paint Brushes
Better quality natural bristle brush for general painting. Good quality black bristle. Green plastic handles.
Best quality natural bristle brush. Longer length black bristle for increased capacity and longer life. Yellow plastic handle. Protected in a vinyl sleeve.
Professional quality natural bristle brushes give the best performance and durability. Softer white bristle gives smooth finish. Great for oil paints, urethane, varnish, etc. Wood handle gives most comfort and ease of use. Protected in a vinyl sleeve. Nickel plated ferrule.

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Item Specifications

  • Pferd
  • Natural Bristle
  • Paint Brush
  • 3"
  • Green Plastic
  • Better
  • 2"