Our Price Pledge.

We are making every effort to make our online pricing reflect the prices that you are accustomed to paying when you call our sales department. This is a monumental task and will take some time so we are offering the following no excuse price pledge to registered users.

“If you have purchased the same item in the same quantity from us within the past 6 months at a lower price than what is shown on our website we will automatically match that price on your current web order.*”

You don’t need to do anything to receive our price match but if you know the last price you paid and want to note it on the order you can do this at checkout by checking the “Show item notes in the shopping cart” checkbox and entering a brief note in the area provided. We will confirm that the price qualifies and process your order.

The next time you order from our website the item will reflect this price or in the event that there has been a legitimate price increase we will honor the previous price for your current web order and send you a formal quotation stating what the price will be for future orders.

*Certain exlusions apply.

  • Item quantities that were released as part of a larger blanket order.
  • Items that were combined with other items for a volume discount on a multi-line order.
  • Certain items based on volatile commodity markets such as metals or chemicals.