Is your business is running efficiently? How deep into your company’s processes are you digging?

Whether you’re a plant manager for an aerospace manufacturing company or a tool crib manager for a machine shop, you know that it’s crucial to refine your processes and analyze them for savings possibilities. Luckily, Kaufman offers industrial vending machines that can help streamline and improve your company’s inventory, time management and other key processes.

We offer a number of models of industrial vending machines that can store everything from small items like batteries and gloves, to larger items like tools. They can provide you with some impressive benefits, including:

  • The ability to provide secure point-of-use distribution
  • An easy way to immediately access your tools
  • A method to eliminate overuse by employee, department, machine, etc.
  • Automated replenishment

Best of all, our industrial vending machines pair with our robust and feature-rich software to help you manage tools, MRO, and other indirect material. Our software offers you unparalleled accurate tracking and analysis capabilities that enable you to assess your indirect material flow and realize potential savings opportunities. For companies of any size, our innovative tool tracking software can help to optimize your business so that you are running at peak efficiency.