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1 Pump Boxed Lubrication Applicator

1 Pump Boxed Lubrication Applicator

Manual Control, Fixed Applicator Mounting
Item #: ACCL 01A0
Accu-Lube MQL Box Lubricant Applicator
Minimum Quantity Lubrication

  • Exclusive positive displacement pump technology deliver precise metered amount of lubricant
  • Air filter/regulator gives added control and precision
  • Lockable security box with front and back door access
  • Individually controlled airflow valve, lubricant control, and frequency generator
  • No misting! Coaxial hose assembly atomizes the lubricant at the nozzle tip prevents misting

Minimum Quantity Lubrication applicator systems focus droplets of lubricant directly onto the tool’s cutting edge, providing lubrication & protection precisely where it is needed.

Fixed applicator mounting
12” copper nozzle(s), fixed mounting
12’ hose assembly (standard equipment)
16 oz. reservoir (standard equipment)

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Item Specifications

  • Accu-Lube
  • Fixed
  • Manual On/Off
  • 12'
  • 12" Copper
  • 16 oz.
  • 1 Pump